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St. George Water Line Installation

Your main water line is responsible for connecting your St. George home to your local water supply. This large and essential pipe is typically buried several feet beneath the ground—protecting it from freezing but also making repairs or other services particularly challenging, labor-intensive, and disruptive.

What’s the bottom line?

For a job this big, you need trained, licensed, and insured professionals. You need Thompson Plumbing! We’ve been a local owner-operated business since 1996, and we employ some of the region’s most qualified full-service plumbers. We have the resources and know-how to inspect, repair, maintain, or replace any water line installation in St. George.

Licensed Plumbers for Your Water Line Service

Although we’ve been in business for a couple of decades, the expert crews at Thompson Plumbing bring more than 42 years of combined experience. Over the years, we’ve worked on all kinds of plumbing projects in St. George: big, small, indoor, outdoor, planned, and emergency.

For every kind of service—including large-scale work on water lines—we always provide:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Response
  • Properly Licensed and Insured Plumbers
  • Fast, Dependable Services that Save You Time and Money
  • Work Done with a Personal, Caring Touch
  • Extended Service Hours, with the Same Great Rate from 8 to 8

We understand that you can’t go long without water in your home, and we’ll work to complete your water line installation as quickly and efficiently as possible. There’s a reason why we’re trusted experts for complex projects like main water line repairs and whole-home re-piping!

Signs of Water Line Problems

It’s not always obvious when you’re having a problem with your water line in St. George. Since this main pipe feeds into the rest of your home’s plumbing system, even problems that seem small and localized may end up tracing all the way back to the main water line installation!

Here are just a few potential signs of a broken, corroded, or damaged water line:

  • Higher or Inconsistent Water Bills
  • Dirt, Rust, or Sand in Your Tap Water
  • Smelly or Foul-Tasting Water
  • Bubbling or Gurgling from the Pipes
  • Excessively Low Water Pressure
  • Pools, Puddles, or Soggy Spots in the Lawn
  • Damp or Discolored Drywall
  • Potholes in Your Walkway, Driveway, or Yard

Request Your Free Consultation for St. George Water Line Installation

Don’t let small plumbing concerns turn into a much bigger problem—reach out to Thompson Plumbing right away at the first sign of trouble! Call us to speak with a St. George plumbing professional, or sign up for a free consultation by filling out our quick online form now.